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Ep. 7

After a hilarious terrible impromptu campaign, we decide to play D&D for real…Kind of. John and Spencer create real characters and tackle a real 5th edition campaign, in a way that only they know how. For those only interested in the campaign, skip to about 23 minutes in.

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Drug Wars – Ep. 6

A mischeivous gnome has stolen the Squirrel King’s nuts and is being hunted by Royal Inquistor, Topaz the Mage who finally catches up to him in an eerie forest glade. However, they find themselves smack dab in the middle of a drug war.

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Adventures of Grams the Gnome – Ep. 4

This week we introduce a new character known as Grams the Gnome, an evil wizard who finds himself in the midst of a battle between a sex cult, the stranded crew of a spaceship and a horde of angry centaurs. Things get messy. (Quality degraded by technical difficulties.)

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