Podcast has moved

In an effort to consolidate content and free up space so I can do some dope redesigns, the podcast has moved from it’s previous home (zerodaedalus.com) to here (ramenshopboyz.com).

As such, the former redirect https://ramenshopboyz.com/podcast no longer leads to the zDae RSS feed but a listing of all of our podcast episodes on this site. The new RSS feed is located at https://ramenshopboyz.com/feed/podcast.

Hopefully this simplifies things when it comes to accessing our content. If not, tough shit.

P.S. As a result of this and the fact that Google is stupid, anybody subscribed to the WMC podcast through Google Play will soon find that it’s been inexplicably removed from their app. When this happens just search for Weekend Mic Check once again or click the subscribe link that will eventually be available on the podcast episodes. Sorry for the inconvenience. Again, blame Google.

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